It Looks Like You Have A Generalized Anxiety Disorder…

It Looks Like You Have A Generalized Anxiety Disorder…

I remember hearing those words after a long dreaded psychiatrist appointment recommended by my therapist. 


My therapist had been working with me for about 13 months at the time, and had frequently suggested that I get diagnosed by a psychiatrist because medication may be the best way to deal with my mental health. 


Now let’s back it up a year. 


I had began taking birth control recommended by my gynecologist for my extremely painful and debilitating menstrual cramps. These cramps were so bad I would lose multiple days a month from the effects of my menstrual cycle. My mother was concerned about my health as I was going off to college wondering who would take care of me if my pain and effects would continue the way they were. So I started birth control, only about 8 months later did I put the pieces together that the birth control was the culprit for my 20 pound weight gain and exasperated decline with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 


Fast forward to the psychiatric appointment. 


You can see now why I was extremely hesitant to start new medications for anything. Never mind the HORROR stories I would see and hear about from my friends who had depression or anxiety disorders. That, coupled with the other side effects was enough to have me procrastinate that meeting as long as possible. I ended up meeting with an incredible psychiatrist who reassured me that medication was not my only option and that if I wasn’t comfortable taking medication that it wasn’t going to be as effective as it could be. 


To be fair, I wasn’t going to take medication either way. But, the main thing that I was scared about was going out into the world with a “DISABLED” label now staring me in the face. What was I going to tell my Caribbean family members, my church members, friends, and job applications? Would they look at me the same? What were they going to think? How did I become so “broken”?



Well, fast forward to now. After a lot of therapy, long nights, mistakes, prayer, and God’s work, I got through. I was able to work through the idea that anxiety was just a part of me and not explicitly WHO I WAS, even though a lot of times, it felt that way. I actually ran into a lot more mental health, anxiety, depression, ptsd, creators and pages dedicated to mental health awareness, and it helped me become less scared about that part of me. I then started this Christian and Mental Health brand : Dear Self Co. where I try and deliver that same feeling of being seen, heard, normalized and reassured to those who need it. So, on January 30th, after almost a year of planning, I am launching a hoodie set that hopefully makes those too anxious to accept themselves feel seen and know that they are not alone. “i have anxiety too.” And that’s okay. 


black girl with curly hair sitting in front of grass and green plants on a gray rock wearing a white hoodie that reads, "i have anxiety too." orange pants that read "i have anxiety too."  and white combat boots

Available at on January 30th, 2023 12 AM EST | Limited Edition

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