Where Spiritual and Mental Health Meet

    Our mission is to create affordable tools as the proactive approach to providing simple spiritual health and mental health management from home. We help raise awareness of the silent struggles and start the desperately needed conversations about spiritual and mental health. We connect those who struggle with each other to form a community to foster growth and change. 

    Our vision

    We want to create innovative preventative mental health tools & services and provide them to our communities. We want to ensure that every person in our communities (online and local) has access to every bout of mental health preventative resources available. We want to create a space where conversations about mental health are normalized in society, on every level through clothing, conversations, social media, panels, festivals, and more. We want to increase awareness about the commonality of anxiety, depression, and PTSD struggles and symptoms. We want to help everyone wanting mental freedom, achieve the best and healthiest self-sustaining version of themselves.



    Est. 2021

    Dear Self Co was founded in 2021 by Brea Dwyer. The brand was birthed from her struggle with generalized anxiety, major depressive, and post traumatic stress disorders. As she began her healing journey, she discovered practical ways to improve and manage both her spiritual health and mental health from the comfort of her own home.

    She began a 30-day “I AM…” challenge to answer the ever dreaded question most of us ask ourselves, “Who am I?” So she went to the only source that would provide a true answer to her question, the bible. She then realized that spiritual health, mental health, and self identity all go hand in hand and that to improve one you must improve the other.

    For the first time, the anxious and depressed thoughts in her mind were silenced, and with tears in her eyes, she knew she had to bring this knowledge to the world, to shed light on the silent struggles of mental health and to help others find their light too. 

     She began to discover that when you start to shift your mindset you begin to question the intrusive thoughts that your mind is telling you. Sometimes medication is necessary but most of the time, improvement involves a diet change, a lifestyle change, and mental health tools: journals, affirmation cards, and therapy.

    DEAR SELF CO. was discovered to provide you the tools to better manage your mental health from home. This is a proactive approach, something that is unseen and unheard of in the field. We're not rushing people to emergency rooms and throwing them in rehabilitation centers because they had a suicide attempt. We want to prevent them from even getting to that point. 

    You need to reshape the image of yourself, the world, and your view of who God is to understand that this is not how life was meant to be lived and there is a better way. Introducing Dear Self Co.

    Our Purpose


    • Educate the community about mental illnesses and the effects and experiences of those who suffer with them.
    • Increase Awareness of the commonality of mental health struggles
    • Validate experiences of those who have had battles with mental illness
    • Normalize conversations about mental health
    • Provide tools and services to prevent and decrease suicide attempts and thoughts, manage symptoms and effects of anxiety, ptsd, and depression; and provide services and tools to improve spiritual health, growth and development. 
    • Empower people to healthily manage their mental & spiritual health, from the comfort of their own homes. 
    • Foster self-discovery and self-improvement through biblical truth and education of healthy lifestyles and practices.
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