Imposter Syndrome: How to Know You Really Belong

  • by Brea Dwyer
Imposter Syndrome: How to Know You Really Belong



 A master plan of the enemy planting seeds of doubt within ourselves to a point that a full blown doubt-vine has consumed our every thought in which we did not see coming. We tend to believe that we are not good enough to be where we are, and not capable enough to realize our God given purpose, if we are even aware of what that is, despite the best efforts of God, and everything He has led us to do up until this point. 


The fault shows its crack in 3 places.


  1. LACK OF FAITH IN GOD: We truly do not recognize the AWEsomeness of God. God. Yahweh. THREE in one trinity. The true Dream Team. Before the beginning of this earth’s time, God was there. Before, global warming, before world wars, before the American revolution, before Napoleon, before Constantin, before Nebuchadnezzar, before wine, before Solomon, before sin, before Adam, before the fall in heaven, before the angels. There was God. 
    1. God CREATED us. In all of our intricacies, our thoughts, our systems, our order. The sun, the moon, the stars. He is all knowing, ever loving, ever merciful. Wise, Love, Peace. Before our bills, before our anxiety disorders, before the enlightening of our purpose, before our trauma, before our heartbreak, before our grief, there was God. God has protected us from every single attack the enemy has tried to pursue to destroy us, every missed car accident, every plot from an enemy, ever weapon formed against us and nurtured us through our disobedience, our stubbornness, our sin, BECAUSE of how much he loves us. He is wiser than the the wisest man alive, and the wisest point you will ever achieve in your life, he is richer than Jeff Bezos, and you at the richest point you will ever achieve in your life, is kinder, more loving, more peaceful, and greater in ALL Ways. The faster you acknowledge that, the easier it will be for you along the rest of your life’s journey. Because you will no longer have to try and put the weight of your life on your shoulders and be your own savior. You understand that you are weak, but there is one in whom you CAN cast all your anxieties, depression, and weaknesses on, because He will be strength in where you are weak. It makes it so much easier to go about life knowing that, yeah, even when I am not enough, that is fine, because I don’t have to trust myself, I don’t have to save myself, I don’t have to plan for myself, it is already PERFECTLY, worked out. Understanding who God is, means that you can put your faith in him and faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the word of Christ. So to both increase your faith, and understanding of who God is, you need to be reading the word for yourself. Treat it like a relationship rather than some unachievable task. God is a father, you are a child, a relationship bonded by love, trust, and goodness, forever. How bold of us to question His plan. 
  2. LACK OF FAITH IN OURSELVES: God’s Perfect Plan accounted for every decision you have and will make, and still, it is a plan to prosper you. You have been blessed with a gift and called by God, which is not able to be changed, reversed, or recalled. Which means, DESPITE YOUR BEST EFFORTS, you cannot chase away or screw up the gifts or calling from God and the purpose they will serve on Earth. ROMANS 11:29
    1. THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE. You cannot live by, to, and for the world and expect everything to still fall into place, you MUST put off your old self by denying the flesh and the desires of the flesh. What does that mean? Anger, Lusting, Covetousness, Lying, Stealing, Revenge, Vanity, Hate, Pride, Over-Indulging and everything revealed as wrong to you, you can’t give in to anymore. When the Holy Spirit works in you, it will produce good fruits: Love, Joy, Peace, Patients, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. If there are things in you, or in your life that aren’t producing those fruits, it is not of the Spirit and you must rebuke it. ROMANS 12:2 It takes time and practice, but don't worry, you'll get there.
  3. LACK OF FAITH IN OTHERS/ AND GOD’S SYSTEM: In order to come into the realization of your talents and gifts. You have to realize that there is a place for you. First, you can’t do it all yourself. A HARD pill for me to swallow. I am NOT the best at everything and it will take me admitting that to be able to move forward. We were created to be INTERdependent on each other. As a body is with its parts, so is the body of believers. We all have DIFFERENT gifts to serve DIFFERENT purposes. An arm can’t compare its purpose or gifts to the heart, as you shouldn’t compare your purpose or gifts to another human. We were created, designed, and called for different purposes. In other words, stay in your lane! Furthermore, in our different gifts, they vary according to our faith, and as our faith develops, so will our gifts. 


So, no, you’re not good enough, but you don’t NEED to be, because which ever way the wind blows, God IS good enough, and he is for us, ALWAYS, never against us, so you cannot fail. You WERE called, according to your gift and purpose and THAT is all you need to focus on. Your gift is a gift from God, and God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. Amen.

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