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As soon as we learn more, we share everything we know with you. Below you can find our blogs and worksheets free of charge for you to use to help manage and relate to what goes on inside. All because we care... and we can't wait to see you blossom. Check back here to see when we post!

Words from the Heart: Our Customer Stories

"LOVE this brand! They are phenomal and helping a lot of people."

Rose D.

"Like seriously, God bless you!!! I stumbled across one of your stories one day and immediately followed. Your Words? LIFE CHANGING. My relationship with God has grew tremednously over the past year!"

Christiana Li

"I instantly bought your gentle reminders pack after watching this! So excited! What an amazing product!"

Alex Vanover

Thank you this helped when I was having a panic attack


"I admire what Dear Self is doing in my life. Gentle Reminders... i am reading my now..."

Eva Franklin

"AMEN!! Love this!!! Thank you so much!!! As a psych nurse, I see the importance of taking care of your mental health. I think this is an amazing way to bring God in!"



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